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Lexco Fitness-South-Korea

Established in 1998, prioritizes customer satisfaction, fostering a positive company culture, and creating top-quality, innovative products. Their mission centers around the responsible and sustainable growth of the business.

Specializing in professional-grade commercial fitness equipment, They offers a comprehensive product line, featuring Cardiovascular, Strength, and Medical Fitness equipment such as Treadmills, Ellipticals, Cycles, Spin Bikes, Selectorized machines, Plate Loaded equipment, Free weights, and the recently introduced EZ Series products.

Lexco is renowned for developing and manufacturing a diverse range of fitness equipment suitable for all fitness levels, serving both beginners and professional athletes. They aim to provide the necessary equipment to fuel users’ passion for fitness, enabling individuals to achieve their wellness goals. 

A diverse range of fitness equipment is developed and manufactured for all fitness levels, catering to both beginners and professional athletes. The equipment is designed to fuel users’ passion, and the products apply to all age groups. Addressing the needs of various settings, from busy health clubs to senior wellness centers, the broad product line supports continuous growth in the global market.

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