Beast-Mode Hacks!

Beast Mode- Bodybuilding Hacks!

In the fitness world, getting washboard abs and rock solid boulders demands more than just a gym routine, it requires follow-through. Abandoning the process could be the difference between ‘Johnny Bravo’ and ‘bulking season’. Body building may be one of the most challenging processes, it demands patience, dedication and drive. This may not necessarily mean a ‘24-hour fitness plan’, just a combination of a balanced healthy nutritious diet at home, muscle group focused plans, REST, and the right trainer!

 Luckily Dubai has some of the most experienced and safe personal trainers, you just need to find one that fits the shoe! Even with a dedicated trainer, an expensive gym membership and a home delivered meal plan, you may not get the results you’re looking for, but don’t worry! Your Xite Fitness team got your back! Here are five fitness hacks to help optimize your gains! 


Cardio Between Sets

Quality over quantity people, the goal of a balanced fitness routine is to get the most out of your workout, sneaking in cardio in between your set not only halves your gym day, but also optimizes a workout without causing a burn out. Adding an ‘active-rest’ period to your workout will help in improving your endurance, capacity, footwork and core strength, Cardio is a great way to get a lean fit body, but unfortunately hurts muscle bulking, replacing a cardio day with a cardio ‘burst’ both help optimize your overall health, as well as your workout! 


Adding in a cardio burst in between your set does not mean replacing your rest period. Resting between sets is IMPORTANT. Infact, not taking breaks between a high intensity workout may result in muscle tears or lethargy that makes you more prone to accidents, especially around heavy duty equipment. Another necessity for a rest period is to let your muscles heal from the microscopic tears caused by heavy lifting, let them condense back to a normal state so you increase its flexibility and strength. 

Gear Up!

Here’s a secret, You do NOT need to sacrifice your back for your arms. Correct safety gear and like lifting straps, back braces, gripped gloves and well fitted trainers will go a long way when it comes to working with weights.

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Most times when lifters are shifting up weights, grip issues due to sweat or bars without grip material can cause fatal accidents, safety gear can also help you lift more by relieving potential bak or wrist strain and help you get in an extra rep or two by decreasing your rest period. 

60 > 120

High intensity workouts are meant to be kept short and sweaty. A fact often misinterpreted by fitness enthusiasts is that intensity=duration. Wrong. Intensity=working different muscle groups in a short amount of time. Exhausting yourself will not only prove to be ineffective but will make day two a nightmare. Keep it interesting! just like romantic relationships, your fitness relationship will not workout if you do not keep it interesting! Switch it up, sticking to one routine will stop challenging your body.


Ever wonder why all protein and no gains? Carbs play a big role in repairing your muscles after a workout, this will only happen if your body replenishes its glycogen stores in the muscles and liver. Limiting carb and fluid intake can lead to painful cramps as your muscles struggle to find the energy to repair and rebuild, so don’t forget to both carb load and hydrate!

That’s all for today, tune in every week for a new gold mine of fitness hacks for you! let us know in the comment section below which equipment works best for you! 



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